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Good on the OP for taking the necessary steps to at least get professional help and realizing what needs to be done.

I used to play WoW, and I found it got in the way of me studying for exams and stuff.

Pretty much I'd come home from work/school, log in, play, and end up passing out in my chair waiting to queue for Alterac Valley or something. One day I did a /played and was appalled at the time I'd wasted. That was a bit of a wake up call, and since then I've seriously scaled back the amount of time I've spent on MMOs/gaming.

I had my brother change my password so that only he knew it, and told him not to give me access no matter how much I beg, pleaded, etc. Only when I finished my exams (about a week later) did I start playing again, and even then I set myself a hard limit. I'll do it again if I find SWTOR gets out of control.

What you may have to end up doing is writing down a goal or keep a log and keep it posted to your wall or by your computer, check your progress and adjust accordingly, and like you've said keep reminding yourself of what the end goal of games is. It's for recreation/entertainment right?

But, like Jebusman says, setting strict guidelines is definitely the way to go. I remember being grounded when I was a kid from playing video games, cause I played them too much and let school fall by the wayside. That being said, prioritize, if you have work that needs to be done, do it first.

You may find it beneficial to just do it at school or at a library so that you aren't even in the same building as your computer or are even tempted to play games. Don't take a gaming break in the middle (usually ends up being study for minutes...takes breaks for hours...I think this is how it is for everyone!)
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