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Dammit!they told me FM1 only supports APU!? that's weird?!
When i talked about GTA IV,i really meant the margin BTW last generation cards and the actual cards we have here,if u grabbed a GTX260 and run it at 1920x1080,i'm sure the card will do 60FPS (not constantly) just fine as a GTX590,the thing is GTA IV isn't really taking advantage of the current generation video cards,but buying more powerful CPU and Overclokcing it proved to have significant impact,probably more than going as i said from just an old GTX260 to a GTX590.The CPU is a very important factor in games like GTA IV.
I suggested NVIDIA based on the type of games he want to play,so i'd say that NVIDIA may be the best bang for the buck in the majority of those games,probably he can go for another card on the NVIDIA line of graphics cards,but afterall an AMD video card will do just fine :)
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