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I find I go in spurts. I played CS for 300+ hours in 99 then moved to Eq for a few years where I played way to much. Then I took a few years off, tried Eq2 for a year, took a year or so off moved to LOTR for 7 months then time off until Aion came out and then I wasted another 7 months of my life on that. I find I play a lot more in the winter then the summer as I tend to get out more in the summer. It can be very serious though as I remember pushing my family away and blowing them off when I was playing EQ. I realize that it was the social aspect of these games that I like the most as I can't play single player games through normally I get bored to easily. I gave Skyrim a few good weeks then just stopped. I love gaming but my god it can be a time sink, though it does seem more productive then just watching TV at least it makes you think most of the time.
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