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My System Specs


Originally Posted by ipaine View Post
Ok, so I got my Trend-Net TPL-401E2K today, man I like fast shipping.

Ok so the situation is I have it plugged into my router in the basement and into a plug that also has a power bar plugged into it. Then on the other end is my sons room up on the second floor and it is also plugged into a plug with a power bar plugged into it. Now this is a 30 or so year old town home with rather crappy wiring. Now onto the testing and results.

So to test I did a copy from my sons machine to my server in the basement. This was done using Fastcopy and what I copied was a single folder with 11 files running from 100MB up to 1.7GB for a total of 6808.8MB. This entire copy was done in 427.93 seconds at an average rate of 15.91MB/s (127.28Mbps)

Now for some other tests I used a small little tool called LAN Speed test. I used the free version 1.1.7. Now with this tool it will create a file of whatever size you specify and then write it to the location you want and then read it back and give you the speeds on each. I ran it 3 times specifying 20MB, 200MB, then 2000MB as the file size to create. The results are as follows:

20MB: Write 89.4Mbps Read 72.135Mbps
200MB: Write 124.88Mbps Read 73.75Mbps
2000MB: Write 128.03Mbps Read 68.45Mbps

So there we go. Is it 500Mbps, hell no, but I wasn't expecting it either. Really this sure as hell beats the wireless. All in all I am quite pleased and I would say this is most likely the worst it would be in my place. I am quite pleased and I do very much recommend these for people that need the speed or can't get a good wifi signal.
I'm glad your happy with it, did you upgrade the firmware? If not, do so as it will improve your results.
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