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Default HDD, CPU temps too high?

Hi all, I am building some old PC stuff into an HTPC, I have run into a couple snags, both related to cooling.

The build is in an Nmedia HTPC-300 case (had it from before with a much cooler running setup), here is a link: - the leading Home Theater PC componenets manufactory who provide one stop shop for your HTPC needs. Visit us to build your dream HTPC, Media Center PC and Home Media server. We offer the most quiet, cooler, compact and multi-functional

The first issue is CPU cooling, I am using a C2D intel cooler on a Prescott 520, I think I just need a new cooler, but which one is tougher, the AC7 pro is about 3.4 of an inch too tall, but this case also has a cpu fresh air tunnel thing that eats up another 1-1.5 inches, but I could mod that if needed.

The tougher to solve issue is HDD temps, I am hitting 43-48*C which is about 10* higher than I thought you should shoot for with an HDD, it is in the middle of the space below the Optical drive with a 60mm fan blowing across it, I am not sure I can do much more to help it out?

So, anyone else run into these issues with an HTPC build? Or other SFF/Slim case build?
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