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My System Specs

Default WIP Folding Rig and AI research platform

This is my first post to HWC !

So I guess this is in order: Hello, World !

A little about me - I'm a student, on a shoestring budget.
I have no pets, no gf, just a computer and electronics projects.

The only way I buy stuff for my machine is after I sell something.
Clearly it's like one of those silly iPhone games where you reap what you sow.....

So I had the case of my dreams - the SilverStone TJ10. I LOVE it !!!!!
And then I got an incredible offer through one of my intel rep buddies....

I got the EVGA 4-way SLI and an i7 970 to go with it......
BIG Problem.... it doesn't fit in the case.....

Sell my case ? Not a chance so it's time to get the trusty angle grinder and dremel.....

Out came the back plane..... Out came the slide mounts - and pretty much hacked
everything in the way..... to make room for..... the Mountain Mods Mobo backplate.


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