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Thumbs up Linus' Personal Rig 2012,and see my AWFUL rig more closely!

Hi Linus,and all the HWC geeks!
Personal Rig Update 2012 Part 1 - Tearing Out Some Stuff, Discussing Plans Linus Tech Tips - YouTube
I watched this video and i'm by far impressed by the specs of this machine (i already watched the previous video way back and i'm happy to see u upgrading),so congratulations dude you deserve it (i might be lucky if i get my hands on a GTX560 and an i3 2105 LOL!)
So my question concerns your SSDs,all the stuff i've seen never suprised me,but the beast RAID setup u have their just freaked me out!so u have 8 SSDs (Corsair F120),Can u tell how much read/write speed u can achieve with this RAID Array ?(probably u can also tell mein what RAID mode r u running those drives),and can the T-Balancer be a good choice for my upgrade to control my fans and make them running nice and silent?
Congrats man,keep going
Contribution by other memebers is so welcomed!

just for giggles here's a shot for the actual System that i use for gaming,video rendering and pretty much everything,I will be soon replacing it with a low-to-mid range Ivy Bridge NVIDIA based setup :)
But for now this is the specs of my system :The CPU is a Pentuim E2200,NVIDIA 9400GT,2GB DDR2 667MHZ and obviously a very old Maxtor IDE Drive that barely achieve 40mb/s read and 4mb/s write
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