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Default Laptop Help...

Hey guys,
I currently have a Dell M1210 Laptop. It is starting to really lag and make some very loud fan noises. I have done my best to keep it clean and running well, but it seems to not just be up to snuff any more. It was a great unit and I was able to use it for almost 6 years. I am now wanting a new laptop but the market seems so confusing!

The unit is mostly for school, which entails, matlab programming, processing data, storing large files. I am thinking I want to give priority to processing power and storage. Graphics are less in demand for me, I rarely watch video on the unit. I was hoping to spend around 1000-1200 Can$. No bigger than 13-14 inches, and a long battery life would be good. I never use the unit outside so a screen that is capable of that is not needed.

I was checking out Dell, Sony, Lenovo, but it seems that when you increase storage and CPU, you alos have to pay for increase in video.

Does anyone have any suggestions, I am getting very confused.

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