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I had the same issue with CS when it was still in beta back in the day - I played in leagues, I "trained" with my clan a few nights a week, I'd play right after school and after dinner long into the night. Then I moved to EQ, where the points weren't so much the goal for me as it was escaping reality. I role played my wood elf bard like nobody's business and people thought I was a twink (geared-alt for you newbies to MMORPGs) because I got so much free good gear as a result. Then it was WoW, where the points were the goal...and it all came crashing one day when I was trying to kill the Lich King for the 15th time in one night (we kept wiping) and I thought to myself what am I wasting so much of my time for? A bunch of numbers that, with each expansion, just get ridiculously higher and every monster has a new adjective in its name to differentiate it from the otherwise identical model from the lower level areas. I'm losing sleep, not speaking with friends or family much and eating poorly.

It dawned on me that what I liked most was the interaction with the other people - chatting on Vent with my guild. And at that point I realized I needed to stop playing WoW because it was detracting from the relationships in my real life, so I did.

Having said that, I still game but it's mostly offline - CIV5, Skyrim, Borderlands with the gf...or better yet, Settlers of Catan in real life. I still put in the occasional marathon session of CIV5 where I just want one more turn, or in Skyrim where I want to do this-that-and-everything, but things are much more manageable. It came down to realizing that this is all meaningless and nothing more than a way to pass time (apologies if I offended anyone, it's just how I dealt with my excessive game playing).

/end rambling.
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