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My System Specs


How am I doing?
- looks good so far, although I wouldn't bother with Furmark, puts a ridiculously huge amount of strain on your GPU thus causing unrealistically high Temps, best way to check stability with your GPU OC is to simply "Game", preferably DX11 Gaming ;)

How can I test my card's stability without hurting it?
- By Gaming (DX11) !!

Does upping the voltage hurt the card?
- As long as your Voltage Bumps are "small and incremental", while allowing your Fan Speed to either Ramp up accordingly or set Fan Profiles to keep Temps in check - No your Card will be fine!

What settings would you recommend I keep the card at for gaming?
- Whatever Moderate OC you find you can game at without any Freezes, Lockups, Black Screens or unreasonably high Temps.

How do I see what load my CPU has while gaming?
Run "Core Temp" in the background while Gaming, when you exit the Game, open Core Temp and check the "High/Max Temp" column.

Have fun n enjoy!

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