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My System Specs


So i have another update, A box came for me today!

I wonder whats in it...
Lets see if i can get this little bugger open.

Okay, this isn't working.... and no! Its stuck!

Gah! why wont this thing just open!!!!

Sparty is giving it a shot as well too... but to no avail.

Okay. i need to eat. This is bugging me and sparty is resting his sore teeth. Pour guy.
He tries so hard :D

mmmmm. Thai food.

So lets get back at it...

I can peel the tape!


So lets see whats in there.
I'll let the shots doing the talking.

Wait... what the :eh: is this?

Gross!!!! oh, wait.

HAHAHAHA i wonder what the guys in customs thought it was lol

So lets see which block this one is:

Beautiful :blush: This block is so amazing. i love the finish.

I love that shine! but more pics of it later
This has to be one of the nicest blocks I've EVER owned. I might need to get the GPU block to match :D

Thats it, for now.... I hope to have some more, when the rest of my items come in the mail. So exciting!

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