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My System Specs


also depends on the fans you are using, the quieter ones tend not to have the greatest volume of airflow, so quiet as heck, but reduced heat capacity as well as the heat is not able to be blown away, however, up the fans to something that has more airflow and very good static pressure and it will most certainly keep the chip very cool, obviously noisier though.

I think H80 with push/pull will work well, if you go the push/pull route, some fans from xigmatech(CLF series) Coolermaster Blademaster 76.2 cfm, Scythe Kaze or Typhoons, all really depends, its hard to get monstrous cooling with next to no noise. From my understanding, the stock fans on H series coolers work very well, but they are also very loud when they ramp up, something that is tweakable with a custom loop, as you obviously can choose your own rad that is optimized for less pressure needed, thereby quieter, heck, you can even go multiple smaller rads with almost silent or totaly silent cooling minus the pump of course :)
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