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My System Specs


It depends on the heat load. If you are just cooling one component quite often a 120mm rad will cool about as well as a 360.

Having a 360 vs a 120 does allow for a quieter setup (counterintuitive i know!) by allowing you to use three sub 20 dba fans vs something around 30. dba is logarithmic. An increase from 20 to 30 is actually a ten-fold increase.

So a h80 vs a h100 vs 360. Main difference is you can cool one component more quietly with the h100 vs h80. A custom 360 loop allows for very very quiet cooling of one component, and allows for expansion to say up to 2 video cards, cpu and a motherboard block. However, the noise of the fans will be related to how many components you have to cool, and how thick of a 360 rad you can cram in your tower.

For the money the h100 is my pick as a 360 loop is more than 3x the cost.
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