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Originally Posted by Desiato View Post
How well custom hardware might perform in a commodity Windows PC is irrelevant. The PC can be an awesome general purpose device, but it is always far from efficient. Console hardware is so tightly integrated that there are no reasonable comparisons such as "the Xbox 360 has the same power as a GTX xxx." Statements like that will only be true in vague, very general way and therefore are effectively worthless. How the hardware is utilized is too different.

PC gaming is a topic on its own. I don't believe that consoles "hold back" any PC games. There is no "what if" scenario; if gaming consoles didn't exist today, they'd be invented tomorrow to solve the abundant flaws in developing, supporting and playing games on a PC.

Don't get me wrong: I love PC gaming. But at the heart of PC gaming isn't Giant_Publisher_X, Big_Game_10 or GPU_10000GTXSETi. The heart of PC gaming is the freedom for devs and gamers to be disruptive by trying new things that may not be possible for purpose-built gaming hardware.
-PC's have minimal performance overhead if they're running in an optimised environment without unnecessary background tasks INITIATED BY THE USER. Windows itself and any other essential programs that run in the background of a PC use, being generous, 1.5gb of ram and maybe 5% CPU which isn't sufficient performance overhead to adversely affect gameplay on a modern day PC.

-Statements of equivalency between PC hardware and console hardware are valid, in fact I remember Capcom drawing parallels in one of their staff releases. The only time such comparisons are invalidated is when there is poor porting between systems.

-There are no major complications with PC game production, I have no idea where you got that from. The Direct X libraries for PC are the most versatile of any platform and system compatibility is basically ensured what with AMD/ATI/INTEL dominating the market and reducing component diversity. According to Valve the PS3 is the hardest platform to code for and in practicality this was evidenced by the fact that it took almost 3 years of exclusive title development for it to reach its somewhat maximal graphics potential.

The only time that games are poorly delivered on PC is when they are ported instead of developed in consideration of each platform. Fact is a PC developed game WILL PERFORM WELL, even an optimised port WILL PERFORM WELL, the only time PC doesnít perform well is where the porting is shoddy. And this is not a PC only problem the PS3 suffered for a large portion of its life from 360 ports, achieving significantly lower framerates that it could achieve because of shoddy porting. And this is why everyone in this forum is concerned about the 720 despite your insistence that consoles donít hold back PC gaming. Inadvertently devs will port games from the 720 and they will not be optimised for PC but almost a replica of their console counterparts. The more powerful the 720, the better games we get ported and the less we get held back.
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