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My System Specs


Originally Posted by YukonTrooper View Post
Does "much better integrated graphics" even matter for an HTPC nowadays? From a media perspective full bit-rate 1080p is the most demanding task, which any of the current-gen integrated chips can handle. Or am I incorrect in that assumption?
Well I got the A6-3500 and for less than $100 and to a similar price Intel chip for 1155 would be a pentium G850. So for the price you get a lot better of a system. Not to mention you get a lot more features on AMD's cheap motherboards like USB3 internal header for a matx. There are only 2 1155 matx motherboards with usb3 internal header and they are pretty expensive.

So you get more features, for the price. Not to mention while reading reviews the Intel Pentium Sandy Bridge CPU's have significantly more judder in some situations and that AMD's is closer to 23.97 FPS. I also read it can decode more video types.

Oh and you can use a large variety of heatsinks cause AMD is smart and doesn't change socket size every other minute. I also like AMD's heatsink system much better than push pins that come on most low profile heatsinks.

So when you include all that to me it is a clear win for AMD for a low powered cheap HTPC.

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