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Default Defective Corsair K90 - Take it to NCIX or to Corsair?

Asking anyone for input, does not have to be Linus.

So I bought my Corsair K90 and I still have the box and everything it came with. Still have my receipt as well. Here's my problem. I believe that every single key on this keyboard is individually backlit. I just noticed that my "Ctrl" and "/" (on the number pad) keys are not lit at all.

I bought this keyboard on January 6th, 2012, so it's been 24 days. I really really don't want to pay anymore for this keyboard to ship it to Corsair. I mean, it's a $150 keyboard... I feel like I've paid enough for it.

I even re-watched the LinusTechTips Corsair K90 unboxing, and that keyboard had every single key lit.

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