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Originally Posted by CoolHandL View Post
looks like some of you took right off while i was away on vacation (i left the rigs folding) ie PerryC, I suppose the HPCS cloud folding has doubled some ppd for you all..... My 2P 16core is up and running, will have to mess around to get some more PPD

The gf/wife asked "since you have that dually computer can we turn the other 3 off at night?", my response: "what and not contribute all i can to science.." her: "ok i guess so since its for science"
The HPCS cloud folding has done more than doubled my production. Today will be somewhere around 65k when its all said and done.

Don't worry, once the beta is over and it goes live I will likely drop back to my regular production. I doubt the pricing on the server will be something I am willing to spend at this time. Then you can go ahead and work on passing me again.

I am going to enjoy it while it lasts.
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