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Default Upgrading from 9800gt, would appreciate any/all advice

Hey all,

Been puttering along with my 9800gt for awhile and since Skyrim came out a gpu upgrade has been long overdue. Budget is less than $150 (=/- $20) including tax. I'm open to buying used (had a good experience here). I play mainly skyrim, umm skyrim and when I have time Skyrim :) Play at 1920x1200.

Here are the cards I'm considering (are there ones that I left out?):

1) 6850 1gb
2) 460 gtx
3) 6870 (more likely used)
4) 5870 (used for sure)

Am I missing out on anything by sticking with either AMD or nVidia? I know nVidia has PhysX but don't seem to be very helpful for me (using my old 9800gt too). I'm open to overclocking for a little extra oomph. No plans to CF or sli.

According to >this overclocking study, the 460 is my last choice. OC'ing the 6850 seems to be ideal, but my lack of experience in picking parts is why I seek your advice. I apologize if I seem rude/demanding in my post, it is not my intention at all. Thank you for your time.

EDIT: I realize that the 7950 is being released tommorow (according to some), will this put downward pressure on prices of older cards? How long should I wait?
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