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Default GPU opinions

So I just finished building my new desktop last week, and have one part left, the GPU. Now currently running off an ancient card just so I have something for web, torrents, etc. Now my concerns are regarding what to purchase, and whether to wait. I dont have alot of money right now, but it wouldn't take long to save 600 or so. anyways so lets get to it, Radeon has their new 7970, and the 7950 comes out soon, also Kepler has yet to be announced. That is alot of options on the top end, my concern is all I need to play is BF3 at 1080P, and Im not adding monitors, and thier are lower cards with this ability, and I hear maxwell is being released 2013 and its going to be a huge difference. now i know every new GPU will be better than the last, but what i mean are games going to require much more that what BF3 does this gen? should i just get a 3/400 $ card, and wait till games actually require such gpus on the top end? I probably make no sense, but im at work so had to type this up fast. anyways all opinions are welcome, thanks.

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