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Default Physx card ...

Hey guys , Alfter upgrading to win 7 from Vista I installed a gtx 550 ti and i noticed that on the box it came in it says nvidia physx ..
So I read into it a bit and nvidia (old news but new to me..) bought ageia physx and incorporated that technology into new graphics cards .
Now I also have the old ageia physx card 128 still installed and after installing windows 7 It took me a while to find working drivers and finally get the pc to recognize the card .
All that work getting it seen by the device manager made me question Is it still worth it at all ? Is it even doing anything for performance in physx games or could it actually mess things up and cause conflicts with the physx built into my new graphics card .
Im wondering if I should leave it in or should I pull it from the case ..

Thanks for your input !

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