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Originally Posted by JJThomp View Post
I don't know about that, Microsoft definately made a crapload of money off the 360 and it's longevity definitely had a lot to do with that. When you can compete without putting much money into RNG (which I'm only assuming they haven't otherwise we would've had a new console for a couple years now) and without bringing out new products you are in really good shape.

It is kind of like where intel is at right now, Intel doesn't have to spend the money, they are pretty much 5 years ahead right now so if they really wanted to they could just make a crapload of cash for 5 years off of IB and IB-E.

What is fortunate for Microsoft is that Sony is on the same page, they aren't pushing the envelope because Xbox isn't so for them it isn't worth the risk.
They did work on the 360 even after it was released too, several reworkings of the insides and the 360 slim of course, there was also a fair bit of work put into the kinect. The PS3 did the exact same thing with several revisions and the PS move. Both have had several reworkings of the software as well, so while I doubt they are spending as much as starting from scratch, the spending never really stopped.
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