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My System Specs


Originally Posted by jibz View Post
It's completely fair to put the 580 up against the 7970 as that is what is currently available and AMD does have the strongest card on the market at this point in time. Just as how Nvidia will have the dominant GPU on the market next year.

But bickering about who's brand is better and who's dad can beat up your dad is just plain silly.
+1 Yeah, I'm sorry, if I go out and want to buy something today, I look at what I can buy today or maybe within the next few weeks.

Unless nvidia can bring out a faster new GPU in a month, then there is absolutely no reason NOT to compare the best currently offered by AIT against the best currently offered by nvidia. There is no "free ride" for older products because they are old. That is like saying "you crossed the finish line first in the race, but I win because I'm older than you and my body doesn't work as well as a young one."
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