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Originally Posted by NineFX View Post
Well yeah, that's also one thing. I am aware of that technology changes so quickly that there's no way to stay up to date for long. What worried me about waiting for the 700t is that the only improvements from its older brother the TF201, is the higher resolution screen and the back plate. Given that it will operate with the same processing hardware, wouldn't having a higher resolution result in reduced performance from the increased strain on the processor? Not mentioning that it may also affect battery life.
Some days it feels like a crap shoot :) I bought my wife and I a pair of HP Touchpads the day before HP announced that they were out of the tablet business. We took them back and got our money back, a day before the fire sale when I could have held one for only $99... oh well :) I have been playing the technology game for 30 years, I try not to worry about it any more. We have TF101 Transformers. They do what we want them to do, they do it smooth and well... Would I like a TF201, sure, but I would still be waiting for one. In the end, you should just get something you know will do what you want it to do and use it, I believe.
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