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Originally Posted by Desiato View Post
I think that in many ways, the pace of PC GPU development has now out-paced the ability of large dev teams to adapt to regularly. This is the case for PC only games too. But AMD and nvidia need to sell us something new every year regardless.

My hope for PC gaming isn't that we get version 10 of the same old crap, but that developers innovate and do something new - something disruptive that eventually changes mainstream gaming like PC gaming of the late 90s has.
Of course that would be a best case scenario, but most of what we get will be ports. I have no doubt that anything based on the 6670 will work great in a console when it comes out, its the games 1 or 2 years after the 720 is released that I am wondering about.

It could very well be that they want to go back to releasing a new system more often then once every 8 or 9 years though.
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