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Originally Posted by belgolas View Post
I will admit that I am an nvidia fan but I think it is funny that in 2012 ATI finally beats nvidia's card that was released in 2010 and you non stop hearing it from ATI fans. I think you should wait and see what the competitor has before you say ATI has the top card. I have no doubt nvidia will release a card that is more powerful than the 7970. I just think it is funny comparing a brand new card to something that is well over a year old.

Personally I don't care about any of the new cards. Probably not going to upgrade till 2013/14. Only metro 2033 at max makes my cards feel underpowered. Till games start getting more demanding or if I go triple displays I wont even think of upgrading. Some of you guys say the 480 was a failure... Well the only flaw was the heat they produce and I water cooled them so thats not really an issue. They have lasted me 2 years and still are going strong.
I would agree if both companies released cards at the same time, but generally they don't. You always end up comparing a newer card to an older card (speaking in terms of months to a year basically). A few months from now Nvidia will have a faster card...then AMD will release a dual gpu card that will take the crown, then Nvidia, then a new series of cards will be released....etc,etc,etc.
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