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First I would like to thank the members who offered advice but do not even run the gtx470 cards at the present time, not have the similar problems. And to the member that asked if they had their card OC'd when it clearly stated that it wasn't- way to go
The 470 is plagued with problems and nvidia has ignored them since release and will continue to ignore them bc they don't want to admit that they made a card that is a lemon.
There is no fix for this card and it continually crashes on all drivers.
I bought a new mobo, processor, and memory (about $1064 worth) and now am forced to replace this piece of $#*T nvidia with something from a company that actually cares about it's products.
To the original poster- you may want to just sell your card and stay very clear of nvidia and anything with the name "470" in it.
There is no fix bc the problem is the resistors on the card itself and the way it was designed- that is why the 480 came out very shortly after the 470.
I will never buy from nvidia again - they are the "black & decker" or "bosch" of the industry and are not to be trusted.
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