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My System Specs


It was funny... I forgot how bad console graphics were... Until I saw my buddy playing BF 3 on his console. LAMO, it really doesn't have that much eye candy, no AA, and everything just looks so basic!

Still, you need to remember that for console gaming they can program to hardware and fix bugs as they go because it will only be 1 hardware configuration for every machine. With this process, they can can go from drawing (let's say) about 4000x to drawing 20,000-30,000x triangles! Just because the GPU seems really weak for the computer, doesn't mean it is as weak for a console. The Direct X API as a lot of overhead that causes substantial performance loss. As computer gamers, we'll probably have to just deal with it for the sake of compatibility.

I do agree though that having lower performing parts hurts the high end computer gaming segment. Sure, there still are companies that cater to high end PCs, but the majority of games these days ARE console ports and very little effort is made to push them (graphics, etc) when brought to PC. Heck a lot of games SHOW you xbox controls on the menus and BS like that!
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