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Originally Posted by ipaine View Post
I bolded the part that is just not true. For example you are creating textures for X game, you have a choice of creating them at 4096x4096 or 512x512. Since you are making it for a console you choose 512x512. Now when it ports to PC it is way lower than it could be. If you had just done it at the larger size it would only need to be scaled down for the lesser consoles. Not only would this increase the visual quality of the game on a PC, but most likely on the console as well. Will this take more time? Maybe slightly as yes your artist may have to put in slightly more fine details, but you are not going to be hiring other people or needing better infrastructure.
I'm not going to pretend I'm a game developer, but I do know a little bit about texture design and I don't think it's as easy as you think. It takes a lot of time to get it right. How one approaches the design depends greatly on the target resolution. And it's vital to be as efficient as possible.

What you're describing often happen within an acceptable range of resolutions, but the range you present is unreasonable. It would be literally more than twice the work.

Have you noticed that the credits at the end of games keep getting longer? Most development teams are huge these days. Upcoming games will be even more sophisticated and require even larger teams. Many studios fail with each new generation of consoles because they can't scale well.

I've already expressed the factors I think are shaping the next generation of consoles. Price will probably be the most important consideration.

Originally Posted by Agafaba View Post
I dont know if I remember properly as its been a while but wasnt the cards in the 360/PS3 much better compared to what was out at the time then the 6670 will be next year?

either way, I am looking forward to DX11 being widespread and not having to use DX9 anymore.
All we have now is tabloid-like speculation. But the architecture of consoles is so different than PCs that specs cannot be compared out of context. It has been widely speculated for a while that Microsoft wants a tightly integrated solution which would limit the thermal characteristics of the GPU. This rules out anything with a big cooling apparatus. Some have speculated a custom AMD APU.

If an entire platform was designed around an APU from the ground up, it could have substantial advantages over a traditional Windows PC using the same chip.

The links below go into detail about the design of the Xbox 360. If you read through them, you can appreciate how different gaming consoles are to PCs. For example, did you know that the Xenos GPU is also the Northbridge?

Beyond3D - ATI Xenos: Xbox 360 Graphics Demystified

Easy to digest:
AnandTech - Microsoft's Xbox 360, Sony's PS3 - A Hardware Discussion

Brief summary:
Details of ATI's Xbox 360 GPU unveiled - The Tech Report - Page 1

I think that in many ways, the pace of PC GPU development has now out-paced the ability of large dev teams to adapt to regularly. This is the case for PC only games too. But AMD and nvidia need to sell us something new every year regardless.

My hope for PC gaming isn't that we get version 10 of the same old crap, but that developers innovate and do something new - something disruptive that eventually changes mainstream gaming like PC gaming of the late 90s has.
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