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Originally Posted by ipaine View Post
Again you completely ignore the fact that consoles are currently holding back many games. Look at Skyrim, it is a DX9 game and while looking good, it could be much better and should have been DX11. Mass Effect 3, is another one. If the consoles were of higher spec then it would be looking better (at least from what I have seen as they have decided to gear it towards the 360 for performance).
I don't ignore your claim; I dispute that consoles hold back PC gaming. Games like Mass Effect and Skyrim have extremely large budgets that are made possible by the large number of console gamers. They exist as they do because of the large console gaming market.

Modern games require extremely large budgets to develop high detail content. Increasing the level of detail not only requires more people (coders, artists, management, support), but also new hardware, software and infrastructure. There are also very big training and scaling challenges across the board.

So it's impossible to imagine what Skyrim and Mass Effect would be without the market muscle of console gamers funding them. If they had greater detail, there would be significantly less content. In any case, they would probably be completely different.

I'm speaking generally. There are obvious exceptions such as Blizzard. But PC gaming has never been large enough to support dozens of Blizzards. Even Blizzard releases games with very moderate specs which aren't showcases of PC power.

The truth is, PC gaming is held back by its inherent flaws which make it too inconvenient and expensive for most users and publishers. Therefore the market is relatively small, catering primarily to niche communities and genres that don't work well on consoles. Eventually, most of the best PC Dev teams simply outgrow the market.
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