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My System Specs


Lyserberg suggested the 2700k being enough for your needs, but you most definitely not need it for gaming. You're not really gonna see a difference between the 2500k and the 2700k in gaming, so just get the cheaper one.

Yes, you need a 120hz 3D capable monitor to use 3d.

The best pre-configured liquid set-up right now is the Corsair H100 I believe.

You're not going to find a GTX 590 or GTX570 in SLI as Lyserberg suggested for 75-150... So don't even bother with those choices with your budget. Within your budget, you can get something like a GTX 560 Ti which is the most bang for the buck card right now and supports 3D. If you can, try and shell out a couple more bucks for a used GTX 570.
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