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I have seen some for $250 up to $400, not TOO bad but still fairly pricey. As said before, if you are building an HTPC it would be a great advantage, but otherwise, there's really no point to it. Although, I must admit, Blu-Ray in 1080p looks way better than just normal 1080i, it's much more sharper, color is more vivid, image is...crisp.

I heard Blu-Ray manufacturers like to boast that if you are watching a movie and a grenade blows up, you get to see every little piece of shrapnel flying through the air. I just thought: "Well, is anyone going to be sitting there 4 inches from their TV screen counting every little bit that is like 2 square pixels big? They pause it every half a second and count: 1,2,3,4,5... XD"
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