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Well first of all THERE's two Core i7s outthere (at least still produced my Intel) there's the one of the 2011 Socket and there's the sandy bridge one for the 1155 socket,if u need gaming a Core i7 2700k will be more than enough for your needs,and there's also the Core i5 2500k which also should do his job,there's two solutions for 3D Gaming at this point and time,there's the AMD HD3D which sucks by any stretch of the imagination,and there's the 3D Vision which is faster to setup,more conveniant,and even more flexible technology,U can run to up to 1920x1200 120HZ 3D vision (or 3D VIsion 2) ready monitor,have your 3D vision (or 2) glasses,every glasses r compatible with every monitor as long as they r both 3D Vision certified;Horse power is something i'm not aware of:3D gaming is very demanding probably even more than increasing resolution even games like COD can put so much strain on your GPU by going from 2D to 3D,so a GTX590 or Dual GTX570 should perfom well at the 700 dollars price range,the budget that u said is only 2D (don't get it wrong) gaming capable,not even with blowing mind perfomance.
For SSD i suggest the Crucial M4,much reliable and stable and with the new firmware it is in threory capable of much more read/write speeds!
As a mobo to get the best of all these nice components,there's the GIGABYTE Z68XP-UD3P,this board is a very value oriented board,but PCIE 3.0 and Ivy bridge READY,SLI and CrossfireX ready dude can u ask even more? :D
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