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Default About Powerline

I'm thinking of switching to powerline in the near future to get rid most of the Ethernet lines crawling in my walls. As I like to stream HD movies through the network, I would need a gbit. Problem is that I use 3-4 plugs on my router so I don't know how to proceed.

Modem+Router(wireless)-----My Computer (My Room)
|--Set Top Box (Living Room 1)
|--HTPC-1 (Living Room 1)
|--HTPC-2 (Living Room 2)
|--PS3 (Living Room 2)
|--WII (Living Room 2)

With this setup I have wires going to 2 other area of the house. I was thinking, is the Powerline able to be installed in multiple room or just 2 rooms as there is only 2 adapter?
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