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Originally Posted by belgolas View Post
While this is disappointing you have to remember that consoles can get low level access to the hardware. So while they are running a low end GPU I suspect it will perform more like a high end GPU of its generation. So it isn't as bad as it sounds.

You have to remember that the 360/PS3 are roughly a 7800 GTX. If you had a 7800 GTX for PC there is no way for could get PS3/360 graphics even though you would be running the same hardware.

Now when it comes out just like every time in history a top of the line PC will beat it but a console will be equivalent to a medium end PC.
This whole low access to the hardware argument is pretty weak. Don't get me wrong, I'm not disputing for a second that LLA is more resource efficient and agree it DEFINITELY increases performance compared to PC counterparts.

Realistically though LLA isn't a sufficient advantage to provide the extra performance of the magnitude the 720 is going to need with this purported chip. An 8800GT can basically do anything that a 360 can IF you keep the resolutions identical and tweak the graphics so that they are at identical settings. So basically if the 360 is at 7800 potential and the 8800 was sufficient, a 6950 is more than enough to match the '720's GPU power.

That said you guys are getting all depressed without consideration of three factors:
1) This makes no mention of the CPU, with LLA devs can interact the CPU with GPU much more efficiently than on PC's. Apparently the Wii is using the Watson supercomputer CPU that IBM has tweaked, so MS has to pull out something even more powerful that might even overshadow Ivy's perf bringing the 720 to equivalence to high spec PC's.
2) This is all just rumoured
3) Either way this heralds the era of DX11 and with EPIC working on UE4 I have confidence in the graphical fidelity of the next gen resembling AT LEAST C2 DX11 or BF3 for all releases.

This is UE3 tweaked out btw and yet EPIC said it didn't have enough graphical fidelity for the next gen XBOX
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