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The thing is , I'm not blaming Apple for letting workers have these conditions. I'm from a country that have conditions more or less the same as China, and with a dense population, finding a job like that is relatively better than working in a rice farm. I would even say that half if not most of Foxconn workers are actually happy to work there.

I am however blaming Apple for putting so much pressure on their suppliers. Of course, other companies do it too, perhaps putting even more pressure into their suppliers, but I believe if any company that has the ability to loosen up the pressure a bit, it's gonna be Apple. And in this day and age, showing a bit of goodwill can go a long way, who knows, it might even be the best iMarketing ever.

As a consumer, I like Apple, I like iThings. No matter how much evil they are, one has to admit that they do get what consumers want. In fact, whether I like or hate Apple doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things.
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