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Each time this is always made out to be 99% Apple's fault by the writer except for a tiny little snippet.
Apple is not the only electronics company doing business within a troubling supply system. Bleak working conditions have been documented at factories manufacturing products for Dell, Hewlett-Packard, I.B.M., Lenovo, Motorola, Nokia, Sony, Toshiba and others.
This is 100% the fault of Foxconn and shit-ass laws in China. Sure, you can argue that we need to go over there and try to impose all sorts of laws but at the end of the day China does what China wants. (also, how can you, as USA/CAN/EU/whatever gov, say that factories owned and operated by Chinese companies have to be a certain way?)

You can argue that wee need to be manufacturing these things here in North America, and that might be great but at the end of the day few large companies are willing to do that.

You can argue that governments should put in place some laws to force local manufacturing but at the end of the day the governments are puppets and will never do such a thing.

Outside companies are abusing the situation, yes, but that is what happens when you have an out of control capitalist society where the masses are brainwashed to constantly consume. Apple or no Apple. You would have to be on some pretty potent crack to believe that nasty shit does not happen in other Foxconn factories.

OMG! I have a foxconn SCSI cable! I am enabling evil!

I do need to clarify that Apple is not innocent, but nor is Foxconn or any other OEM or company producing these things.

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