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I think that it is funny Google hasn't or isn't really Adding anything at all, it h has always been like that it is just that now they are actually telling you instead of hiding it all in the huge amount of small print if you watch that video clip I posted earlier it even basically says that instead of having all of the policies that are linked to them or the own policies they made it easier for everyone to find this out in one place. that is why I have always tried my best not to use anything like Google at all I learned my lesson from Facebook and reading the fine print. Like sswilson says I have nothing to hide but I don't like the idea of any company ,Google or otherwise, selling my web surfing info to any advertising companies.
they way it is going I can see that in the near future people will be in a mall constantly being bothered because of the cellphone posting adds and beeping away. that is the kind of thing they most likely will be doing with your surfing information , never mind big brother or companies snooping into any personal info while you are applying for work.
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