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There are a lot of erroneous comparisons between the 360/PS3/PC here imo. But none of that really matters. And it's pretty difficult to speculate without any official details or dev opinions/breakdowns.

The next generation of consoles will have to be right-sized in different ways for a variety of reasons:

- poor economy: consoles must be inexpensive, have a strong price/performance ratio; console manufacturers will be looking at highly integrated solutions, putting tight thermal limits on performance.

- development costs: each upgrade in speed and fidelity increases dev costs at least proportionately; hardware/infrastructure upgrades; larger dev teams need more space and are less efficient; reorg/training/tool development; etc...

- digital delivery costs/times: most games will need to fit into a relatively small footprint, limiting fidelity

- consumer interest: the success of the seemingly under-powered wii will be a factor in limiting the performance of next generation consoles.

- both Sony and Microsoft have need to be more frugal this round.

I have a feeling that publishers have had a big say in defining next-gen console specs.
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