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Originally Posted by esperasoppa View Post
The sad part to this is probably the fact that people will still continue to crave for the new iThings even after reading these stories, which will put more pressure on Apple's suppliers.

Perhaps not only Apple, but other companies force this upon their suppliers as well, but I can't help but wish Apple can offer their suppliers a bit more breathing room.
It's especially bad considering the "apple tax" everyone has to pay for the same amount of technology in an apple product vs the competition.

They spend tons on advertising, make a killing in profit off of their mediocre electronics, and pay nothing to build em. All while pretending their shit doesn't stink and they're the angels of the tech industry that invented everything with a circuit board in it.

Sounds ethical to me

I despise this company. It pains me to see them do so well. Their almost religious like following of uninformed customers just grinds me. I'm the crazy one for saying the alternatives are better and cheaper.

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