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My System Specs


Originally Posted by belgolas View Post
While this is disappointing you have to remember that consoles can get low level access to the hardware. So while they are running a low end GPU I suspect it will perform more like a high end GPU of its generation. So it isn't as bad as it sounds.

You have to remember that the 360/PS3 are roughly a 7800 GTX. If you had a 7800 GTX for PC there is no way for could get PS3/360 graphics even though you would be running the same hardware.

Now when it comes out just like every time in history a top of the line PC will beat it but a console will be equivalent to a medium end PC.
Well they run the games at low resolution which really helps, I think a 7800GTX could run MW3 at 1024x600 (the resolution on Xbox and PS3 AKA 30% less pixels than 1920x1080) on minumum settings.

Drop a 7800 GTX in your system, turn on MW3 put on all minimum settings, turn on vsync, set resolution to 1024x600. I would be interested to see if it ran at 60 FPS.

I have a hard time believing anything with a 6670 in it will be around a mid-end PC in a year and a half, hell... I wouldn't call it a mid-end PC now even if games were optimized for it.

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