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Originally Posted by JJThomp View Post
I don't think it is the argument we are concerned about here, it's just that many of us like to play on max graphics with all the eye candy turned up. Because console gaming is such a large market more games are made specifically for console and then ported to PC (these games in all honesty look like crap compared to native PC games). So consoles really hold back the PC gamer, it isn't about "oh well this game on 1080p looks okay", it's about "this game could look so much better and we expect that because we pay for it to look better".
It's unfortunate I guess. But oh well, these guys aren't your friend, they only care about profits.

Even the great PC game, BF3 isn't exactly selling very well vs the spayed and neutered console version.

1.31 million on PC, 5.17 million on Xbox 360, 4.27 million on PS3. (VG Chartz).

Of course the PC share on BF3 is much better than MW3 did. Only .96 million PC gamers for MW3. But I would have expected at least a 2-3x lead for BF3 since it's clearly the better PC game of the two.

PC Gaming isn't likely to die anytime soon, but I don't feel slighted at all about the console ports.

I spent a large amount of money on the PC, which was my decision, buying a higher texture port of a console game is also my decision.

And the true PC exclusives that I enjoy (Blizzard games), well they don't require a high end machine anyway.

I would prefer more console super stars like COD to have a proper PC version like BF3, but I can see why Bobby doesn't give a #%!@.
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