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Originally Posted by gingerbee View Post
Green team less big dips in fps in my experience thats why I am all green now I loved and cards till I started playing crysis years ago and went green cause my dips were much less and then I found it never has huge dips like red team I never get a stutter out of my green cards where no matter what I do I can always get my red teams to stutter at some point no matter what version I buy so I turned to the dark side lol my vote is the 560ti and make sure u grab the 560ti 448 core it kicks butt I just picked up 2 and a 3rd is on it way but it's only an oc version the 448 comes close to my 480's performance so there great cards I think

Oh. My. God. Please use SOME punctuation at least, PLEASE!

A higher resolution gameplay will benefit from more vmem, regardless of "team."
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