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My System Specs


You'll be able to see it again by doing...

cd fah
tail -f FAHlog.txt
To quit tailing fah, use Ctrl-C. Note this will NOT stop the client, just your viewing of it. You can verify this with top.

...which brings up another issue. How to stop the client when Ctrl-C'ing a tail just kills the tail and not the process. To stop the client, do top and note the PID of the client in the far-left column. Ctrl-C to quit top then do...

kill XXXX
...where XXXX is the PID of the client.

Enjoy boys!

edit - Sorry!

Just noticed that guide uses screen instead of nohup - which is a very clumsy way of doing it if you ask me. But oh well. So how to re-attach a screen: do...

screen -list
And note whichever instance says "Attached." Then do...

screen -r XXXX.hostname
...where XXXX.hostname is the instance of the attached screen. This method works, but is cumbersome to use and adds overhead compared to a simple nohup.
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