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My System Specs


Originally Posted by Silent_Avenger View Post
That's sad they should bump up to a 7970 chip then the 720 would only cost about a grand or more.
that's overkill, but if they use something like the 550TI or 560TI, that would be quite respectable for graphics as long as they are competent enough to use decent others parts like proper CPU and RAM.
something that would be a good idea is to have the hardware somewhat independent of the form. meaning the XBox 720 would be more like an operating system over an entire unit that way as time goes along they can release better hardware with new drivers and they will run the same games. but that also introduces the problem that people that get in early will have to replace their console 2-3 years later since the 720 will have run up by then.
EDIT: doing this would be a pain for console gamers as it would cause the issue I stated above, but it would also mean that PC gamers wouldn't be cursing console gamers for being the cause of a lot of the terrible graphics out there.
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