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My System Specs


Originally Posted by jibz View Post
I'm jealous of the x79.

I just installed my own raystorm and I just shrugged and figured more mounting pressure is better and got it pretty damn tight.
I stopped a bit short of all the way screwed in. I just measured afterwards with a scale to make sure all four sides were even.

Originally Posted by Silent_Avenger View Post
Looks like you have enough room on the vrm heat sinks to mount a 40mm fan onto just get some self tapping screws just wide enough to secure into the heat sink slots. It's what I did on my NB cooler on my MSI board.

Anyways nice system
I only had 120mm and 230mm fans kicking around. I tried an ultra kaze 2krpm at first but it was painfully loud.

Originally Posted by Prolab View Post
Anyway you can put the pump lower than the res? So the water feeds it by gravity?

Nonetheless, looking good man!

I could probably fit the pump lower near the hard drive bays but it runs really smooth right now and it's not a very restrictive loop. I sat the case on it's side so the res would be the highest point in the loop to help bleed out any bubbles.

Temperature wise I believe the highest I've seen is 62c after an hour of Linx. Still not fully stable as every other night my F@H will BSOD. I've tried using straight multipliers and also using a 125x bclck with lower multipliers, gonna mess around with it more this weekend.
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