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My System Specs

Smile For those GUI lagging / Whining Fermis: Project 7622

It looks like there may be a point to fold GPU3 Fermi with the advmethods flag right now.
I have crunched three WUs of the new 7622 project (still no description for it except on, and I'm happy to report that:
  • My GTX 550 Ti doesn't whine at its stock speed of 970 core
  • GUI lag is unnoticeable except on Internet Explorer's flash player (not like I use that much hehe)
  • Temps are still about 12C cooler than Furmark
It isn't all happy though, since I seem to take a 1500PPD penalty compared to non-advmethods WUs, but since I don't have to underclock to save my ears, it works out for me.

Note that 7622 is covered under the advanced "advmethods" flag, so you need that set in your client to get the work units.

EDIT: Using the 285.62 WHQL driver under Windows 7 64-bit
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