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Default Gray boxs over text in right click menus and more

OK, I've recently gotten this really strange problem thats most evident in the right click menus in windows 7. Initially its fine but as I drag the mouse over the menu as each item is highlighted the text is put into a grey box which stays there as you continue on. The current highlighted item in the menu isnt actually gray its got a strange spectrum thing going on.

Its also evident in the text that comes up when you hover over the "home" button on the HWC site. If you normally highlight text everything is fine, and I havent noticed anything else strange in windows either. Its also appearant in the task manager, the File/options/etc, as well as the applications/processes. Only difference there is that theres a thin white bar going through it close to the top.

Please help. This is strange and annoying and I want it gone.

EDIT: Never mind a restart did fix it.

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