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My System Specs


Filters will be velcro'd to the bottom of the case and the two outer fan will be mounted to the radiator brackets included with the case. In turn the brackets will be velcro'd into the the case to dampen vibration and keep it in place. Going a little velcro crazy.

As for rad grill for ontop, I'd still like to find a solution, and I don't think the 180mm silverstone fan grills are a good solution as the rounded hole blocks alot of airflow and I'd like to have more positive pressure in the case especially when running the fans on low speed. Ideally a sheet of that 24"x12" honey comb mesh from MNPC tech cut down to 21x7 and sprayed black (or white ) would be the perfect solution. But the inconvenience of a $24 + international shipping, time and duty are deterring me from that solution.

As for my progress today, I took an hour bus ride out to Canada computers for a low profile sound card, as a full size card will not fit under an EK link for their SLI bridges. I stopped in at the homedepot across the road whom didn't have any dremel accessories, delaying my project for the day :(.

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