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Originally Posted by rommelrommel View Post
Half the people in Gaza and the west bank starving to death? Where do you get this stuff? Only the palastinians being asked to take responsibility? Do you have any idea of where world opinion lies? That most of the planet won't recognise Isreal as a country? That the majority of the UN is hostile to Isreal solely due to religion? That the UN has levied about a bazillion resolutions agaisnt Isreal? (List of United Nations resolutions concerning Israel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) Yay for a bunch of tinpot dictators and puppet democracies to denounce isreal...

Shit, why can't we just agree to allow Isreal to have militarily defensible borders and to stop firing rockets at civilians?

Israel has a very precarious position, what do you expect them to do? Sign over a surrender and orderly leave for umm, nowhere?
Okay half the people was a hyperbole, the UN's opinion doesn't mean anything I bet if you ask the general population about Israel and Palestine I bet 90% of them side with Israel because they only see terrorist attacks on the news.

We can't allow Israel to have militarily defensible boarders because they abuse them.

The last part is exactly what they should do, now that they are there it sucks for them, but really it's what Palestinians were expected to do. Guess what? Not all of them agreed and they lost their homes any ways.
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