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Originally Posted by gromacs View Post
That sounds exactly like me when I was younger, except it was neopets and runescape instead of farmville.

But, how do gamers out there manage to moderate games so addictive such as Battlefield? All those +100's at the bottom of the screen, it gives the illusion that I'm getting rich or something lol :S so ironic
I just assume I'm playing Whose Line is it Anyway, where the points don't matter.

But in all seriousness, one of the first ways to get around stuff like pointwhoring or level grinding is convincing yourself "This is a game, at the end of the day this means nothing, all that matters is I enjoyed the time I spent playing it, and in a few years everyone will have moved on to the next big thing".

Set a (reasonable) limit for yourself when you're playing a game like that. Like saying "Alright, I'm going to play 3 straight matches of Conquest, then quit", or "I'm pretty close to the next level, I'll play until I reach it, finish the round then quit". And no, being level 45 and saying "I'm pretty close to 50" is not reasonable.

And enforcing yourself to do this. Getting into the routine of just playing a match or two and then quitting, and eventually it'll become second nature that you just play for an hour and then quit.

Trust me, I'm a pointwhore. I played Wow to watch the numbers go up. I play JRPGs because I enjoy maxing out my characters' levels, I play Street Fighter competitively and my online rank means everything to me. But at the end of the day I know "Alright, one hour of street fighter. ONE HOUR. No more. I have shit to do".
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